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Who is Crystal?


Born and raised in Toronto, I was exposed to a myriad of cultures, which influenced the diversity of my fashion and food choices. With an educational and professional background that spans fashion, culinary arts, and business, I bring these passions together in Moderneste to help others. 

Cool Facts About Me

1. I have been boxing for the past year

2. I went to chef school

3. I don't watch TV shows

4. I write poetry 

5. I used to do runway modelling

For collaborations and business related inquiries, please email crystalelisaa@gmail.com

What is Moderneste? 


Moderneste, a portmanteau of the words “modest” and “modern” is all about de-cluttering your life and elevating your mindset. It is a minimalistic approach to life that focuses on minimizing the surplus - not just for the sake of doing less, but for the purpose of liberating the mind, body, and soul. Looking within, simplifying, and never settling is the key to constant improvement – both personally and professionally. 


My blog is a community collective. Not only do I share my knowledge, expertise, and experiences, I also bring in others from all walks of life to share their life stories. We learn from each other and grow together. Whether it’s simplifying your fashion or food choices, growing yourself or your business, or learning new life and tech hacks, you can find it here!

De-clutter your life and grow your mindset.

Join me on my journey towards a Moderneste life!


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