Now, this is not going to be a cheesy post about my New Year resolutions, because let’s be real – who keeps those resolutions past February? I think one of the reasons why many of us do not bother with New Year resolutions is because we already know how people will react to them.

For example:

'This year I’m going to loose 20 lbs.'

Friend: 'Haha, you’ll give up half-way'

The negative opinions associated with doing something positive for ourselves prevents us from even doing it.

I’ve been reading a great book: Life Now by Shannon and Michael Primicerio, and something that they said really stood out to me: “Success isn’t always contagious, but the desire for success is”. We all want to do great things in our life, but unfortunately in doing so, we seem to attract jealousy.

Unfortunately that’s how it is; the more good you do, the more people hate you. The book states, “Being around someone who is living out his or her dreams and passions has one of two effects on other people. It motivates them to pursue their dreams too, or it causes them to claim life is not fair since they don’t have the boldness to venture out and pursue their own dreams” So true!

We all want to be accepted, but at the same time, we can’t let the need for acceptance prevent us from following our passions and dreams. People won’t always support you or approve of your dreams, but at the end of the day, how we view our own success is more important than others’ opinions.

So with that said, I hope you have an amazing and successful 2017. Whether you make resolutions or not, I hope you start the year off with a mindset that isn’t afraid to follow your dreams.

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